CBSE All In One Science Class 10 for 2021 Exam Paperback – 7 July 2020



Hello, Students, this science book is the best selling book in the Arihant series for class 6 to 12 here the complete theory and practical for class 10.

(2020-2021Edition) This book (All In One Science Class 10 for 2021)based on the latest CBSE syllabus which is issued on 31 March 2020.

There are 627 pages in the book and the language is English

There are 16 Chapters divided by catogory with the latest new pattern

and there are Good number of solved and unsolved questions are provided for the complete preparation

The book is supplemented by experiments, Periodic tests,  Junior Science Olympiad Chapterwise questions, 5 Sample Question Paper, Complete Assessment, and CBSE examination paper 2020

There are many  miscellaneous questions like MCQs, true and false, fill in the blanks, VSA, SA, LA.

The new and latest edition of all in One Science for class 10 CBSE, if you want to self-study then it is the best to guide for students to the way of success

Here are some topics in the book like chemical reactions and equations, Acids, basis and Salts, metals and non-metals, carbon and its Compounds, Periodic Classification of Elements, life process, control and Coordination, how do Organisms reproduce?, Heredity and evolution, light: reflection and Refraction, human eye and the colorful world, electricity, magnetic Effects of Electric Current, sources of energy, our environment, management of natural resources, experiments and many more things

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This book is written by Sanubia & Rashnu Gupta Sonal Singh, Ruchi Kapoor Imran Ahmad

Publisher: Arihant Publications; Fifth edition (7 July 2020)

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